• New release for StaRVOOrS - May 31, 2018.

    The release 1.7 of StaRVOOrS is available! Now you can use clocks in your ppDATEs to write real-time properties.

  • StaRVOOrS repository upgraded, and new GUI - September 14, 2017.

    The StaRVOOrS repository has been upgraded. In addition, now the source code can be compiled using cabal. See the repository Readme for more information regarding tihs feature..

    Moreover, a new GUI for StaRVOOrS is availablea at the following link

  • New Version of StaRVOOrS - May 4, 2017.

    StaRVOOrS 1.5 has been released. Check for StaRVOOrS 1.5 binaries.

  • New Version of StaRVOOrS - December 9, 2016.

    StaRVOOrS 1.35 has been released. Check for StaRVOOrS 1.35.

  • New Version of StaRVOOrS - September 22, 2016.

    StaRVOOrS 1.3 has been released. Check for StaRVOOrS 1.3.
    Note that in the ppDATE script language the key words CONTRACTS, CONTRACT, and EVENT, were replaced by HTRIPLES, HT, and TRIGGERS, respectively.

  • Tool update - May 8, 2016.

    StaRVOOrS has been updated. Check for StaRVOOrS 1.25.8.